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Gulf of Mexico oil release of 2100 barrels

There has been a release of oil from infrastructure beneath the sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Shell have confirmed this leak was spotted by a helicopter observing a sheen floating on the water. Shell have estimated this leak is around 2100 barrels of oil. Shell confirmed on Thursday that it shut all wells that

BP ordered to pay $20 Billion settlement for 2010 oil spill

BP Oil settlement set at $20 Billion A New Orleans federal judge in the US state of Louisiana has granted final approval to an estimated $20bn settlement over the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At the US district court in New Orleans judge Carl Barbier has issued an order confirming the

The cost of Oil Spills

The reported oil spill cost of the BP Gulf oil spill is now estimated to be $54 Billion. The oil spill was more than 230,000 tons of crude oil and carried on for 87 days, which made it the biggest oil spill in U.S history. If you look at past oil spills this will undoubtedly

Marine transfer operations ship to shore

Marine Transfer Operations Ships to shore marine transfers are carried out around the world between tanker ships and marine terminals. These should be supervised by a person in charge on the vessel and a person in charge on the dock. The transfer should also be overseen by a marine inspector or surveyor. There are strict

What are analysts predicting in the near future?

Otherwise known as black gold, oil is one of the most important commodities on the planet. The economies of many countries will literally depend upon the price of this fossil fuel and therefore, it should be no surprise that its value can fluctuate over time. One of the most trending pieces of news is the

Oil Prices in Recovery?

Experts in the oil industry are predicting a return to the days when prices were as much as $60 a barrel by early 2016. Following a mini recovery in November, some in the industry are now saying that there will be a reversal of the past downward trend. Oil prices have seen heavy downturns over

Maersk, leader of goods shipping, will cut 4,000 jobs by the slowdown in world trade

The world leader in maritime transport of goods, the Danish company Maersk Line, announced Wednesday the removal of 4,000 goods shipping jobs by the end of 2017 and the postponement of planned investments to defend its dominance in the international market. The financial status of the Maersk Group is considered a barometer of the state

Marine Breakaway Couplings

Marine breakaway couplings are a life and asset saving technology used during offshore oil and ship to ship product transfers. Used between two strings of hose, they are designed to break-away only with inline pulling action. It is similar to a standard industrial coupling; however, it’s been designed with extra resistance to torsion and bending,

What Are Marine Breakaway Couplings?

A Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) is an essential safety feature used during the transfer of fluids in an offshore environment, whether it be for loading or discharging a vessel. The basic idea is that should the fluid hose come under untoward and unexpected tension, or experience a sudden surge in excess pressure, the marine breakaway