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Why is the Gall Thomson Marine Breakaway Coupling setting new Industry Standards?

2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of Gall Thomson’s launch of the innovative Flip-Flap Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC). The device has since been in constant daily use in thousands of locations throughout the world in the toughest of marine conditions. Over a span of four decades, Gall Thomson’s MBC has proven time and again that its

White Paper FPSO MBC

The effectiveness of Marine Breakaway Couplings in minimising risk to FPSO transfer operations from the perspective of reeled or in-air catenary reeled configurations August 2018 Content Purpose and objectives of this report. Introduction and definition of a FPSO facility. Foreseeable operational risks associated with FPSO loading. Specific product transfer risks from FPSO to Convectional and

How to Prevent Oil Spills during Ship to Ship Fuelling

There have been many cases of oil spillage during bunkering, and this is a cause for concern as the effects of oil spillage are far-reaching. Besides affecting the profitability of the company, oil spillage also has adverse effects on the environment and poses a serious safety hazard as it could lead to an explosion. Utmost

Gall Thomson Launch Most Advanced Marine Breakaway Coupling Yet

Gall Thomson are specialists in Marine Breakaway Coupling technology with over forty years field based operational experience in delivering secure offshore hydrocarbon product transfer. The Marine Breakaway Coupling (MBC) was developed to aid the safe movement of crude oil, heavy fuel oil and similar products. In the event of a vessel breaking its mooring or

KLAW launches new lighter and shorter marine breakaway coupling

The new marine breakaway coupling launched by KLAW is called the Marine2, which is 25% lighter and 32% shorter than alternative marine breakaway couplings available in this sector and was designed and developed to reduce the stresses placed on hoses used on offshore hose reel applications. Marine2 Breakaway Coupling This new Marine2 design has been

The price of oil goes down further after reports of record high U.S. Oil reserves

The price of oil ended up even lower on Wednesday as record high U.S oil reserve figures. Crude stockpiles in the United Sates rose by 1.5 million barrels last week and now stand at 520 million barrels. Even with the OPEC cuts in production and strong compliance at around 94% the price remains low. The

Russia to cap oil production but is it anything new

The price of oil has shaped the financial fortunes of many oil producing countries. To address this, the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has looked to reduce the output of oil not just from their members, but non-members as well. Non-member Russia has shown its willingness to freeze its production of oil at present

What is the Container shipping outlook in 2016?

In the recent years, container freight industry has been on the downward trend in regards to profit made cutting down to high sales revenue obtained from this industry. This phenomenon has seen carriers struggling to find a permanent solution to this catastrophe compelling some to work independently embracing such initiatives like organisational cost-cutting. These efforts

Over 3000 Oil Transfer spills during Loading – Discharging between 1974 and 2015

The number of Oil spills during Loading ? Discharging is 3,170 between 1974 on 2015 according to statistics compiled by International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation. 95% of all incidents recorded fall into the small and medium size oils spills. Medium oil spills are between 7 -700 tonnes with small spills less than 7 tonnes. The

Oil prices rise as Norway threatens strike and Venezuela oil production in crisis

Brent crude futures were trading at $48.95 per barrel and U.S crude has climbed to $48.49 a barrel. There has been a lot of pessimism among oil investors over the last few months and with the Brexit vote oil dropped to 7 week low. However this effect has been short lived as it has become