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Owning a marine craft exposes you to a lot of risks both to the occupants of the craft and the craft itself. To guard oneself against such dangers, it is prudent to take an Insurance cover. Marine insurance is a very wide policy area. The policy covers a variety of items; damage or loss of

The Important Features That Make Marine Breakaway Couplings So Vital

Marine Breakaway Couplings (MBCs) are an essential safety device in many onshore and offshore installations where fluids are transferred from vessel to vessel, usually under a considerable amount of pressure. In these conditions, an uncontrolled failure of the fluid transfer system can have potentially devastating consequences, both in terms of human safety and in damage

BP ordered to pay $20 Billion settlement for 2010 oil spill

BP Oil settlement set at $20 Billion A New Orleans federal judge in the US state of Louisiana has granted final approval to an estimated $20bn settlement over the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At the US district court in New Orleans judge Carl Barbier has issued an order confirming the