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The Wrong Choice of Bunker Port Can be a Costly Mistake for Ship Owners

  Bunkers are amongst the biggest costs of a voyage. Thus, making the right choice can be crucial. While many shipping companies have bunker teams, the choice of bunker usually starts with a chartering manager during early voyage estimation. Before a vessel is open, the chartering managers will assess various voyage options. This usually happens

Bunkering loading plan and checklist

Bunkering loading plan and checklist The operation of ship’s bunkering changes constantly. It is vital to follow the rules in order that the operation is carried out in the safest way possible. There are so many points it is impossible to include them all. The Bunkering of fuel requires the utmost care to prevent any

How to Prevent Oil Spills during Ship to Ship Fuelling

There have been many cases of oil spillage during bunkering, and this is a cause for concern as the effects of oil spillage are far-reaching. Besides affecting the profitability of the company, oil spillage also has adverse effects on the environment and poses a serious safety hazard as it could lead to an explosion. Utmost