The 5 largest oil spills of all time

In the history of big disasters, many incidents have taken place in almost every second or third year. There are many incidences of oil spills which took place at various locations. At that time, it also created a very big loss of economic state of that country.

Oil Spill

During Gulf war in the year 1991
In the year 1991, during the Gulf War in Kuwait around 240 to 336 million gallons of oil was spilled. The Iraqi force opened the valves of the well of oils. They did this in order to slow down the American troops. It was the largest oil spill in the history of the world. In this incident, around 240 million gallons of crude oil was spilled into the Persian Gulf.

The BP oil spilled for three months.
In the year 2010, the BP oil was spilled for around three months, this incident was one of the largest marine oil spills by that time. It was the most tragic accidental incidence in the history of the petroleum industry. In this accident around 11 men were dead while working on the platform while 17 others were badly injured in the explosion caused by the Deepwater Horizon. This incident took place on 15th of July 2010. The leakage was controlled by capping the gushing wellhead. Before this around 53,000 barrels of oil was escaped per day from well.? For information on how much this cost see this article.

A pressure which resulted in explosion
In the year 1979, an oil well was collapsed the Bay of Campeche. This incident took place when the pressure was built which resulted in an explosion. The loss took place on such a large scale that after the accident, the next 10 months around 140 million gallons of crude was spouted over the Gulf of Mexico. For slowing down the flow of oil from well, various steel, iron and lead balls were dropped down in a shaft.

When two supertankers collided
It was a stormy evening in the month of July, in 1979, when two supertankers collided on the coast of Tobago in the Caribbean Sea. It was the largest ship- sourced oil spill in history. Because of the accident, both vessels began to leak and caught fire. Even one of the tanks was exploded and 26 crew members were killed. Luckily not too much pollution was reported to the inland.

The ground observed the spill
One of the largest oil spills which happened in the valley of Fergana in the year 1992, in Uzbekistan. Around 87.7 million gallons of oil was spilled. The incident was reported as the largest inland spill. Even it was then said that the ground has absorbed this spill.

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